How to get to Boracay?

Boracay Island is located at the north end of Panay Island in the center of the Philippines. 
You can get to Boracay by plane or boat. There is no airport in Boracay, but you can choose one of two available airports, Caticlan or Kalibo, both situated on Panay Island. It takes about 45 minutes to fly there from Manila.

Caticlan Airport is quite close to Boracay Island. It's only a 10-20 minute boat ride from Caticlan Jetty Port to Boracay. If you carry lots of kitegear, better fly to Kalibo.

Once you land in Kalibo it takes a 1,5 hour bus ride to Caticlan Jetty Port, then a 10-20 minute boat ride to Boracay. Most of the airlines give a larger baggage allowance, so if you’re bringing your own kitegear, Kalibo is your best option.

To Boracay by Sea:
There are several ferries from Manila to Boracay. One way takes approximately 12 hours. It is not that comfortable but cheap.

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